Thank you for signing up, and welcome to Berkeley Improv!

If you’re new, here are few tips to get started:

How can I doublecheck date/time of the next class?
Be sure to check our most current schedule at

How do I get there?
Classes are at 1638 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703. 10 minute walk from BART.

Now that I’ve signed up, should I do anything else to prepare before coming to class?
Our motto is Don’t Be Prepared. You can learn lots of improv skills by just playing in class! No outside work is required. But you can enrich your experience if you do some reading, which adds context to class activities. Suggested reading for Improv for 101 and 201: Truth in Comedy. Suggested reading for Improv for Real Life: Leadership Presence and/or The Charisma Myth.If you have other questions, check out our FAQ. Have even more questions? Feel free to email us at

Looking forward!
Alex Lerman
Berkeley Improv