Improv for Fun

July 2015 classes.

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Improv for Fun

Taking improv for the first time? This is a great place to start. Play fun improv games that unleash your imagination, confidence, and spontaneity. Amaze yourself as you create stories and scenes on the spot. Play together with fun people who like to laugh. Enjoy a supportive environment that promotes cooperation and positive thinking. Discover how improvisation can feel natural and effortless. No experience required. Shy people welcome. Typical class size: 12 to 24 students. Laugh-out-loud-fun! Note: All sign ups are now done online. Instructors vary. Classes can sell out, so we suggest early sign up.

Week1 Improv basics: spontaneity, creativity, positive thinking, teamwork.
Week2 Intro to scene work: creating characters and environments.
Week3 Storytelling: learn easy yet powerful ways to create stories on the fly, on stage or off!
Week4 Play improv scene and challenges that delight performers and audiences.


Improv for Real Life

(Introductory / All levels) Everyone improvises just about every day: casual conversations, meetings, interviews, introductions, presentations, parties, etc. In this series, you’ll learn improv and related skills that can increase your performance and joy in a variety of real life situations. Enhance your spontaneity, creativity, rapport, body language, voice, storytelling, teamwork, and leadership. Hone your skills with direct feedback from the instructor. Fun and supportive environment. Shy people welcome. No experience necessary. Typical class size: 12-24 students. Note: All sign ups are now done online. Classes can sell out, so we suggest early sign up.


Week1 Fun and easy intro to improv basics: spontaneity, creativity, positive thinking, teamwork.
Week2 Body Language:Want to know how someone is feeling or what they’re thinking? Often, body language provides the answer. Learn to read signals that can give you priceless insight into other people. Increase awareness of the signals your own body sends. Practice body language that is congruent with your message, style, and vision.
Week3 Voice: The qualities of your voice (pitch, pace, power, etc) can affect how intelligent and likeable you seem to others. We’ll learn ways to improve quality as we reduce stress. Even the great James Earl Jones (Darth Vader, Mufasa) “had a stutter so bad he barely spoke to anyone for 8 years”. Our potential is great. Whatever your size, gender, or experience, your voice can become your strength.
Week4 Dare to prepare! Yes, we believe in the power of improvisation. But preparation can also be your best friend. A winning 20 second story can create great first impressions and deepen existing connections. Together with teammates, you’ll brainstorm, write, and deliver micro stories you can use in many key situations. Authentically communicate values and vision that reflect your unique style. Craft inspiring answers to common questions like “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?”. Learn and use story ingredients that tantalize your audience: vivid imagery, word choice, perspective, brevity and humor.
Week5 Mastering the Art of Conversation: Learn easy yet powerful improv skills to help you connect with a wide variety of people in a wide variety of situations. We’ll integrate improvised and prepared content to achieve our most authentic and charismatic presence.
Week6 Presentations and public speaking. Putting it all together and direct feedback.

Improv for Performance

(Intermediate / Advanced) Advance your scene work, stagecraft, scene starts, characters, teamwork, spontaneity, acting, and storytelling. Learn skills and concepts like status, raising the stakes, and reincorporation. Explore short-form improv performance formats that will delight you and your audience. Learn secrets to working with audience suggestions and audience volunteers. Hone your skills with direct feedback from the instructor. Laugh-out-loud fun! See weekly description below for more details, but we do sometimes vary content to suit the unique character of each class. Typical class size: 12-15 students. Prerequisite: “Improv for Fun” (or equivalent by instructor consent). Note: All sign ups are now done online. Classes can sell out, so we suggest early sign up.

Week1 Scene Starts
Week2 Characters
Week3 Middles and Endings
Week4 Improvised Singing: “If you can walk, you dance. If you can talk, you can sing”. Wow audiences with improv singing. We’ll learn and practice fun formats like inner songalogue, opera, madrigal. No music experience required.
Week5 Genres: Give your scenes extra flavor with genres. Explore genres like sci-fi, film noir, shakespeare. Learn and practice fun formats like “genre replay” and “genre morph.”
Week6 Show: On our last day, we’ll open our class to friends and family to share the fun. Free for friends and family.

All classes are located at “The Monkey House”, 1638 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703. (5 blocks from UC Berkeley)