April 2015 Schedule

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Improv for Fun 

(Introductory / All levels) Play fun improv games that unleash your imagination, confidence, and spontaneity. Amaze yourself as you create stories and scenes on the spot. Play together with fun people who like to laugh. Enjoy a supportive environment that promotes cooperation and positive thinking. Discover how improvisation can feel natural and effortless. Taking improv for the first time? This is a great place to start. No experience required. Shy people welcome. Typical class size: 15-25 students. Laugh-out-loud-fun! All sign ups are now done online:

Improv for Real Life

(Introductory / All levels) Everyone improvises just about every day: casual conversations, meetings, interviews, introductions, presentations, parties, etc. In this class, you’ll learn improv skills that can increase your performance and joy in a wide range of real life situations. Enhance your spontaneity, creativity, rapport, body language, voice, storytelling, teamwork, and leadership. Hone your skills with direct feedback from the instructor. Fun and supportive environment. Shy people welcome. No experience necessary. Typical class size: 15-25 students. All sign ups are now done online:

Improv for Performance

(Intermediate / Advanced) Advance your scene work, stagecraft, scene starts, characters, teamwork, spontaneity, acting, and storytelling. Learn skills and concepts like status, raising the stakes, and reincorporation. Explore short-form improv performance formats like pillars, new choice, conducted story and more. Hone your skills with direct feedback from the instructor. Laugh-out-loud fun! Typical class size: 12-15 students. Prerequisite: “Improv for Fun” (or equivalent by instructor consent). In our final class, you can choose to perform for friends and family. Friends and family attend for free. All sign ups are now done online:

All classes are located at “The Works”, 2566 “C” Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Instructors may vary, depending on availability. Fees are completely NON-refundable. Participation in Improv for Performance showcase requires your 100% attendance. Read our FAQ for more details.2013classtext1