August 2015 Classes

Current classes at a glance:
Improv 101 (adults, 4-week series)
Improv 201 (adults, weekly ongoing)
Improv for Real Life (adults, weekly ongoing)
Improv for Kids
Improv for Teens
Improv for Families
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Improv 101

(With Alex Lerman and guest instructor Heather Clague)

(Introductory, Adults) Taking improv for the first time? This is a great place to start. Play fun improv games that unleash your imagination, confidence, and spontaneity. Amaze yourself as you create stories and scenes on the spot. Play together with fun people who like to laugh. Enjoy a supportive environment that promotes cooperation and positive thinking. Discover how improvisation can feel natural and effortless. No experience required. Shy people welcome. Typical class size: 12 to 24 students. Laugh-out-loud-fun! Note: All sign ups are now done online. Classes can sell out, so we suggest early sign up.

Week1 Meet your teammates! Improv basics: spontaneity, creativity, positive thinking, teamwork.
Week2 Intro to scene work: creating characters and environments.
Week3 Storytelling: learn easy yet powerful ways to unfold your scenes.
Week4 Games! Apply your new skills to play fun improv games and scenes


Improv 201 (intermediate & advanced)

(With Alex Lerman)

(Intermediate & Advanced / Adults) If you’ve taken our intro class, you’re ready for our newest class: Improv 201! Each class is unique, inspired by your goals. We’ll explore a variety of exciting themes such as scenework, status, genres, charisma, working with audience volunteers, character, short-form and long-form, etc.

Improv for Real Life

(With Alex Lerman)

(All Levels / Adults) Everyone improvises just about every day: casual conversations, meetings, interviews, introductions, presentations, parties, etc. In this class, you’ll learn improv and related skills that can increase your performance and joy in a variety of real life situations. Enhance your spontaneity, creativity, rapport, body language, voice, storytelling, teamwork, and leadership. Hone your skills with direct feedback from the instructor. Fun and supportive environment. Shy people welcome. No experience necessary.

Improv for Kids and Teens!

(With Christine Mytko)

(Introductory / All levels) Why should adults have all the fun?! Improv for Kids (and separate track for Teens) offers a fun, supportive environment that promotes cooperation, confidence, and positive thinking. We will focus on and develop skills in listening, teamwork, creativity, and spontaneity. During each session, students will work in small, independent groups or as one big group to explore improv games and exercises. Expect to laugh – a lot! All students are expected to be active, respectful listeners when they are participating as the audience for their peers. No previous experience is necessary. Typical class: size 6 to 18 students. Online registration required. Choose your registration based on the most appropriate age track: Entering grades 4-7 OR entering grades 6-10. (Want to take improv WITH your child? Scroll down to our Families improv workshop below)

Improv for Families

(With Christine Mytko)

(Introductory / All levels) Come join Berkeley Improv for a new family improv class. This class is designed for kids entering grades 4 – 7, and their parent(s) or other adult family member. Learn and play together in this unique family bonding experience! No previous improv experience? No problem! We provide a safe space for all skill and confidence levels. We will focus on and develop skills in listening, teamwork, creativity, and spontaneity. Enjoy a fun, supportive environment that promotes cooperation, confidence, and positive thinking. Share the joys of play, laughter, and learning with your loved ones!

All classes are located at “The Works”, 2566 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704. (5 blocks from UC Berkeley)